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CREATE YOUR SELF....the Secret Sauce 

CREATE YOUR SELF is a unique line of high-quality, thoughtfully designed art experiences that awaken creativity. Our goal is to provide opportunities for children to express themselves in a healthy way because self-expression is crucial for developing their identity, self-confidence, and sense of belonging to the world. 

We simplify the process (for the facilitator & user) by offering mess-free supplies, easy setup, thoughtful packaging, and open-ended directives. We always keep the focus on the process  - rather than the art every experience is a successful one. Our guiding principle is that the child is the masterpiece in progress

The 'secret sauce' is that every product is carefully designed by a trained Art Therapist with one focused goal in mind.... to help you CREATE YOUR SELF.  This professional design expertise, which brings a deep understanding of the creative process and materials used, is what ultimately sets the CREATE YOUR SELF line apart.  

Meet Ricky Bella, Founder & Art Therapist

Ricky is on a mission to awaken creativity and inspire healthy self-expression! After earning a Masters degree in Art Therapy and working with various populations, settings, and age groups, Ricky became passionate about the benefits of utilizing the creative process on the path to self-discovery.

"While my life circumstances and education led me here..... it was actually my personal experience yearning for & even leaning into the creative process over the years that reinforced my drive to develop the CREATE YOUR SELF line of art experiences for all. I truly believe that meaningful art experiences can play an ongoing valuable role on the journey to CREATE (& re-create) YOUR SELF."   

Ricky currently lives in New Jersey with her husband and three active boys whom she affectionately refers to as her 'interns.' She consults with her family on every product because every experience she develops is truly a labor of love.

When Ricky is not experimenting with art directives to expand the CREATE YOUR SELF line, she enjoys cheering on the NYC Knicks, traveling and hiking with her family - which includes their exceptionally smart and mischievous Chocolate Lab - Rae...aka Rae Rae, Cray Rae, and Rosea girl.

To learn more about Ricky & her CREATE YOUR SELF story, click here.